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Ground Control to Major Tomboys: Get Your Tickets Now!

Join us under the serious moonlight on May 31st for the bounce-back of “Ashes to Ashes” in honor of David Bowie’s life, birth and passing (1947 –2016).

This show had been scheduled for January and fell victim to Snowpocalypse. But the season has ch-ch-changed, and now we’re ready to put our helmets on!

Major Tomboys is Portland’s all-femme David Bowie tribute band. They love to dress up in costumes and share their interpretations of his music with those who also long to rock out in their frock coats and bipperty bopperty hats. From “Wham bam, thank you, ma’am” to “Ch-ch-ch-changes,” they’ll have you singing along with your favorite tracks before you know it.

We’re thrilled to open the show!

Friday, May 31, 2024
Polaris Hall
8:00 pm
635 N Killingsworth Ave, Portland

Outer space scene with brightly-colored hex symbols

Little hexes have taken a high dive into the deep end for this album, bringing you sonic stories gravel-studded with karmic near-misses, but also grace. Cry out as the Space Shuttle Challenger falls to earth. Sweat the crosshairs of a suitor at his limit, or the curse of a Puritan facing the gallows. Dream of the Swiss Miss’s Jagermeister kiss, or pandemic love on the beaches of Easter Island. Find strength to fight for death-row redemption, or to bear egos enough to break your back. Nothing’s for sure. Why not suck the bottle dry?

Little hexes’ debut EP is a picnic at Chernobyl. {Complete with its ghost of an amusement park.} It’s an art-pop party of hexy characters :: Mister Madame Bovary, Phineas Gage, The Beatles, King Marke, hierophants, Bill Withers, cactus men… So grab a bottle of wine and a Geiger counter, because here comes the sun.

Little Hexes

Portland, Oregon

Anmarie Trimble

voice, keyboards, guitar, goth banjo, master of toys

Amy Spreadborough

voice, never-too-many guitars, bass

Karamy Muessig

voice, bass, guitar, egyptalacian percussion

Jennifer Topping

drums, percussion, rhythmic kismet

:: hexy music = ear + brain love ::
Little hexes’ lyrical repertoire includes odes to a pissed-off Cleopatra, Marie Curie’s unfortunate love affair with Radium, Phineas Gage’s 1848 metamorphosis from all-around nice guy to womanizing lout via a metal spike through the head, and an every-boy’s-(or-girl’s)-fantasy tribute to the Swiss Miss Girl. The band also delivers idiosyncratic mash ups, a Schoolhouse Rock map of the heart.

:: “hex” origins ::
The band’s name comes from Frank Stanford’s poem “Death and the Arkansas River,” and also hearkens to the fancy folk art symbols Pennsylvania Dutch adorn their barns with—called “Hex Signs.” These are large, colorful circles of geometric patterns, often featuring mystical birds, sun wheels, or floral patterns. Hex signs are thought to have originated from German folk magic.

Walking in the mud,
The bootsoles leave little hexes in the kitchen.
~ from Frank Stanford’s “Death and the Arkansas River.”

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:: little hexes :: art pop & hexology from Portland, Oregon ::

:: a rock band of mischievous odes & mash ups ::