Show poster: old-school Mothra and Godzilla stomp Tokyo

Monster Show at Kenton Club, Sat. March 23.

You know what they say about March: in like a lion (godzilla), out like a lamb (mothra)

Pdx is notorious for its faux Spring, but we’ve got you covered whatever the weather with a monster of a show!

The Depressionistas open the show & usher out winter with their moody, dark rock n roll meets post-punk, meets alt-country mayhem, while headliners Heirloom Monsters usher in Spring by coloring your world with psychedelic psyng-a-longs.

(We little hexes fill out the middle set with our quirky characters who aren’t exactly tip-toeing through the tulips so much as mischievously whacking the heads off all the pretty flowers.)

Saturday, March 23, 2024
World Famous Kenton Club
9:00 pm
2025 N Kilpatrick, Portland

Ashes to Ashes Show Poster

Major Tomboys presents Ashes to Ashes: A Bowie-versary Show

This event is named “Ashes to Ashes” in honor of David Bowie’s life, birth and passing (January 8, 1947 – January 10, 2016).

Major Tomboys is Portland’s all-femme David Bowie tribute band. They love to dress up in costumes and share their interpretations of his music with those who also long to rock out in their frock coats and bipperty bopperty hats. From “Wham bam, thank you, ma’am” to “Ch-ch-ch-changes,” they’ll have you singing along with your favorite tracks before you know it.

We’re thrilled to open the show!

Saturday, January 13, 2024
Mississippi Studios
9:00 pm
3939 N Mississippi Ave, Portland

Ghostly Pleasures Show Poster

Ghoulty Pleasures!

Little Hexes open the show with a sexy, spooky set! Come out for a fright-filled night of ghoulish humor, chilling vibes, and a creepy auction to help usher in the Halloween Spirit. All while raising much-needed funds for Ukraine!

Thursday, Oct. 19, 2023
Mississippi Pizza
7:00 pm

Louie Louie 24 Hour Marathon Event Poster

The 24 Hour Louie Louie Marathon

We’ve whipped up three very hexy renditions of the classic party song for this outlandish, historic event! The Kingsmen kick it off playing their original hit (and will close with the same on Sunday), then little hexes hits the stage at 7:30pm sharp for our 15-minutes of mayhem.
You’ll definitely want to stick around for Portland creativity on steroids as 75+ bands dish out every kind of “Louie Louie” imaginable–Tuvan throat singers, ASMR renditions..basically everything from acapella to zydeco. The (show? performance? utter insanity?) happens at the AFRU Gallery, to raise funds for Art Freaks Are Us, the non-profit community organization dedicated to the unapologetic expression of raw creativity by all.

Saturday, Oct. 7, 2023
AFRU Gallery
7:30-7:45 pm
Watch on Livestream!

Show poster - Purple acoustic guitar and outer-space astronaut.

Shannon Tower Band + Little Hexes

Shannon Tower is a singer, songwriter musician, activist, all-around amazing human with a heart of gold. She’s fronting a full new band (guitar, bass, drums and violin) after years away from the scene, and we’re thrilled to share the stage with her Saturday, Aug. 26.
A reviewer a few years ago described Shannon Tower this way: “She surveys similar socio-political minefields and aggro-folk textures as Ani DiFranco and Michelle Shocked. Tower injects the Pacific Northwest coffeehouse circuit with jagged edges, giving a punky spin on leftist protest music as well as finding a bluesy heart in unplugged confessionals.”
We can’t wait to hear!
And Little Hexes will run a full 1 hr and 15 minute opening set with a bunch of our sunny, breezy, summertime-iest tunes. We’ll be rocking the late-summer vibes, for sure, with some fun mashups.

Saturday, August 26, 2023
Mississippi Pizza
8 pm
$10 at the door.

Show poster features abstract hex sign of square dancers

Come Cut a Rug, Y’All

Annie Vergnetti spurs things on with some hot, butch song improv. The Stubborn Lovers come with a reckoning with decidedly with decidedly modern train beats, twang and pop songcraft. Then little hexes rides y’all into the night with a parade of mail-order brides, murder ballads, recalcitrant Puritans, and various oddball refuseniks.

Friday, June 2, 2023
Kenton Club
8 pm
$10 cover

Little hexes and Blonde Neon present ladies of the 80s dance party. Images of 80s icons and hex signs.

80s Ladies Dance Party Party

Join us for an evening of music with ’80s cover band Blonde Neon!

Saturday, March 18, 2023
Mississippi Pizza
8 pm
$12 cover

Show poset for Record Release Party

Record Release Party

At long last, our new record The Deep End is finished, and it’s time to party! Join us for our record release party (and first show in two years) with the Wanna Be-52s!

Friday,Sept 23, 2022
Mississippi Pizza
8 pm
$12 cover

Our Recording Fundraiser!

Everybody’s heard about the rites of spring, but
do you know your Rights of Spring?

You have a right…to love!
( Jet Black Pearl sings & raps of slugs in love & hallucinating butterflies!)

You have a right…to freedom!
(little hexes rocks tales of witch trials & revolutionary girls!)

You have a right…to know your rights!
(with the debut of Portland’s new Clash tribute band,
Know Your Rights!)

Usher in spring & get yourselves to the Only Show that Matters!

Saturday, Mar. 30, 2019
9pm @ Secret Society
$10 cover

Bring Out Yer Undead!

Join little hexes for Halloween mischief with the Zom B-52’s and Don & The Quixotes!
Dance ’til your feet (and other appendages) fall off
with B-52’s tribute music, surf, and special holiday hexiness!
There will of course also be candy.
And brains!

Friday, October 26, 2018
The Secret Society
9 pm
$10 cover

Good Doggie!

Support a creative, sustainable, and very hexy Alberta Main Street!
We’re rocking the Main Stage with summer-season songs
of automotive gardening mishaps, neurotic puppies,
and drowning in the deep end~
Toy accordion, marching band bells,
and plenty of guitars will be in tow, of course!

Saturday, August 11, 2018
Alberta Street Fair
12:30-1:10 pm
$2 suggested donation to the Fair

We’re Summer Schoolin’

Earn your credits in psych-garage-fuzz-cosmic-country-surf rock with hot teacher Lagoon Squad, then sneak locker shots with “the coolest nerds in school cutting calculus to write pop songs”— the tongue-in-cheeky Cool Whips!

But you won’t need a blue book exam when little hexes tests your humanities (and dance moves) with some literary schoolhouse rockin’!

Saturday, June 23, 2018
Hawthorne Hideaway
2221 SE Hawthorne Boulevard
9pm, $5 at the door

Can’t you feel our love buzz?

We’re going psychedelic for Nuggets Night ~
Celebrate lost gems of ’60s garage rock to benefit Queer Rock Camp Portland!

Friday & Saturday, June 1-2, 2018
Mission Theater
Doors open 7pm, rockin’ starts 8pm
{little hexes plays June 2}

Tickets in advance and at the door.
{Pssst, the weekend pass is a DEAL ~ $25 gets you both nights plus admission to the closing party at Hollywood Theater!}

Cross Our Hearts & Hope to Die

O confused blustery March! Winter won’t let go, and spring isn’t yet sprung.
But grey skies and winds howling make perfect weather for releasing our inner Blue Birds
to flock, carve soap, make plastic keychains…and if you don’t watch out, you could lose an eye!

We’re letting loose a new song or two and dusting off some old ones:
a decidedly stressed-out puppy,
a preachy-teachy hierophant,
a cuckold king,
and perhaps a few escaped Puritans.
Warming up your heart (and the show) are Mammoth in Space
the experimental/electronic incarnation of Darka Dusty & Miri Stebivka. Budmo!

Friday, March 23, 2018
Mississippi Pizza
9pm, $7 at the door
3552 N Mississippi Avenue, Portland

wake from your winter coma

Shake off the SADs :: The doctor prescribes a therapeutic lightbox of little hexes!

We’re packing up our heavy amps, several glittery guitars, a purple mini-van full of drums and assorted other toys, and heading over to Slim’s to spread a little mischief, mayhem, and hexy fisticuffs! little hexes kicks off the show at 9, followed by the loud lounge rock sounds of Lagoon Squad .. and finishes up with the sun-drenched psychedelia of Monterey Purple!

Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018
9pm @ Slim’s

Seventeen Ways to Die

‘Tis the season for death and disaster rock :: hanging, lethal injection, heart attack, axes, exsanguination, poisonous pricks, stratospheric explosion, snake bite, twisters, rag dolls, stalkers, collisions, erotomania, poetic injustice…

These are just some of the seventeen ways our beloved, maligned characters will suffer and meet their demise. So grab a drink and laugh at what ails ya with our catastrophic little pop songs!

The psychedelic aural combo platter of Mammoth in Space will start messing with our minds at nine, then we’ll drown our sorrows with Stubborn Lovers’ americana, fueled by whiskey, asphalt, lifetimes of heartache, and AM gold.

Friday, Oct. 20, 2017
The World Famous Kenton Club
9pm, $5 at the door

It’s way more fun than nuclear apocalyptic harangues.

Livin’ the dream

little hexes has been hangin’ out and recharging with some 17th-century Rosicrucians, learning how the soul wanders around while you sleep ~ but we’re back now, and feeling revitalized!

We return with company! Salem witch Sarah Goode joins our cast of characters, to flip a musical bird from the gallows. And while we were slumbering, our beloved Cactus Man had a fling with Romeo Void. But you just won’t believe what happened to Mister Madame Bovary. Begging the question ~ it wouldn’t really be summer without bicycles, roller skates, and a couple explosions, would it?

The loud lounge rock sounds of Lagoon Squad will start us off with a dreamy sway on the dance floor!

Saturday, July 22, 2017
Show starts 9pm
Lombard Pub
3416 N. Lombard
No cover

Get Your Spring On!

Portland springtime is so abundantly abounding, and little hexes have some hexy stories to share with you … including our ode to the macrame-and-shrinky-dink depravity of junior Campfire Girls, “Bluebirds.”

… As well as a cheery new fairy tale about a certain schoolteacher-toting rocket that went up, up into the air… only to fall horribly down, down, down. 30 years later dust is still falling *!* and little hexes warble a happy tune about it. {::Disaster!}

Add the booty-n-bone shaking sounds of Soul Progression , and we’ll make our own intemperately hot season!

Friday, May 20, 2016
Show starts 9pm
World Famous Kenton Club

Halloween Pre-Func!

We’ve got a spooky set to get you in the mood! And we’re seriously thinking about coming in costume as our favorite Hexy characters, too!

What would it be like to play guitar with an iron rod through the eye socket (like Phineas Gage)? We wonder! Has anyone done a “sexy Mdme Curie” outfit before? Could be a world first! Plus with song characters like Cleopatra, the Swiss Miss Girl, Mata Hari and Revolutionary Girl Utena (among others), we’ve lots of costume choices. We promise to do some Goth Halloween-theme songs, too!

Show opens with a rare appearance by Penifore (Amy’s duo with Sam Isabell, of Gladness), and to further help prepare you for death, the poetic musings of Lord Alba.

Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015
Show starts 9pm
World Famous Kenton Club

Autumn’s just a Technicality

Because summer ain’t over ’til you hear our latest mash-ups! We’re thinking carny-sexed summer blues, & perchance a medley befitting Portland’s quirk for alternative modes of transportation. Add the booty-n-bone shaking sounds of Soul Progression and we don’t need a calendar to mark the season :: we’ll make our own heat!

Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015
Show starts 9pm (Doors open 8:30)
Alberta Street Pub
$8 at the door

Maybe have a paranormal encounter?

We’ll play a long set of genre-mashing, ghost-titillating music at the famously-haunted White Eagle Saloon ~ Including our newest take on yacht rock, spaghetti-western/strip tease, Easter-Island doo-wop… & much more! Shannon Tower Band opens! Bring your EVP meter!

Friday, May 15, 2015
Show starts 9pm
White Eagle Saloon
$8 at the door

Be on the radio with us

Little Hexes plays the “Local Roots” Live Series!
Hear six (6) great local bands & help us make a serious ruckus for a radio audience! This show will be recorded for later broadcast on “Local Roots,” which airs every Sunday on KMUZ radio.

Weds, May 6, 2015
Alberta Street Pub~
doors 6:30pm, music 7:15pm {little hexes plays 8:35-9:05}
$5 door = hump-day smorgasbord of six 30-minute sets ~

Come Spelunking!

little hexes rouses from hibernation ~
tho we’re not wanting to leave our lovely cave!

So come, enter with us ~ into our cave of forgotten dreams,
and admire the newly discovered refrains.

Saturday, Jan. 17, 2015
9 p.m. – 12:30 a.m.

Joining the adventure :: Spiricles!
Alberta Street Pub (1036 NE Alberta Street, Portland OR)
Tickets: $8 advance/ $10 door

Honey, We Shrunk the Band

We’re raiding the toy box to play the little-and-lovely Jade Lounge *!* We’ll rock ukes and toy accordions, trombone kazoos, a full-piece toy drum set :: Just don’t expect the songs to be small :: We promise full-on hexy lyrical and literary punch *!
The Jade Lounge (2342 SE Ankeny, Portland OR)
Friday, Aug. 2nd, 2013, 8 – 10 p.m.

Come early for a cocktail ~ stay late for a full evening of classic hexy tunes {and some new ones, too}[/column_two_thirds_last]

Some Sweet ‘n’ Down-Home

little hexes is gonna tone it down a bit with some sweet ‘n’ down-home singin’ ~
Friday, July 12
The LaurelThirst Public House
(2958 NE Glisan St, Portland).
$5 cover (21+)
little hexes opens things up at 9:30pm, then loiter about for
The Golden Country (alt-country Portland-ex-pats on a short consort from North Carolina)
and The Gams (honky-tonk chick attitude)

Postmodern Knock-Out

It’s “Art Pop Glitterati” vs. “Hippy Glam Metal” in a fight to the death at the Postmodern Knock-Out on
Sat., June 8, 2013 at Biddy McGraw’s (6000 NE Glisan St, Portland). 21+ and FREE!
Music begins at 9:30 p.m., but fans are encouraged to come down early for tasty Biddy’s eats and pre-funk beverages…

In one corner, Lord Master::
(Celebrating the release of their new CD, “Crap City”…with dueling guitar solos!)
In the other, little hexes ::
(Celebrating quirk, musical mash-up culture…and the 19th century!)
The bout opens with a set by Penifore
(Anti-Folk-Acoustic-Bad-Assery! ‘nuff said.)

Hazy Shade of Winter

We’re pulling the hazy-shade on this weathery winter blah & gonna charm up some Springtime *!*
{ ~ Our last show of the season, then it’s into the shed a few months to hatch some new songs ^~}
Friday, March 1
Mississippi Pizza & Pub

*!* Show starts 9pm *!*
:: Shannon Tower Band opens ::
And hexy treat * Joanna Neal joins us again to conjure on the drums ~
Cover :: free *

Bring your spy gear

little hexes and Her Ghost join forces for a night of serendipitous lyrical quirk! Who will demonstrate most rockin’ use of tiny ’80s-era Casio? most poignant application of glockenspiel?
Plus we debut a new song {let’s just say, bring your spy gear} & perhaps our closest rendition of a dance set. Renée Muzquiz’s musical project Chica y Los Gatos opens!
Come start the weekend proper ~
Friday, February 8th * The Blue Monk

Parles-tu hexy?

For our last show of the year little hexes goes pseudo-acoustic
& we’ll mess with the 13th-16th centuries~
Friday, November 30th, 2012 * 8:00-10:30 pm
Jade Lounge
2342 SE Ankeny, Portland
We’ve a secret plan to hexify the stunning trio Bergerette
{we consider them the ancient incarnation of little hexes}
*^* & in return they’re gonna make us sing in French. *!*
We promise great tales & the toy accordion as you’ve never experienced~
No cover charge, just enjoy a cocktail~

Venus/Mars mash up

Little Hexes gets a rare playdate with openers Penifore, followed by the glamrockin poetics of The Ex-Girlfriends Club. It’s like literary swag you can dance to while shouting at the top of your lungs. Or something like that.
Even the kalimba is going electric {special mash-up !} ~
And we’ll have special guests :: Ned Faulhaber’s big-ass bass & Joanna Neal on drummage ~
Saturday, Oct. 6 ~^~ Show starts at 9 pm ~
World Famous Kenton Club

“Punk Literati”

Mr. Jaime Leopold of the Short Stories recently dubbed little hexes
“Punk literati: William S. Burroughs meets Louisa May Alcott.”
~* That sounds about right *~
Catch our latest tales of radioactivity and Marie Curie, Cleopatra and Rome~we’ll spin our yarns starting 9 pm sharp, Thursday, September 6 at Atlantis Lounge/The Mississippi Pizza.
& Amoree Lovell will twist things up {we mean that many ways} after us, so stick around!

last minute :: electric banjo

little hexes opens for Jaime Leopold and the Short Stories
Sunday, Aug. 5 ~
White Eagle Saloon

7-10 pm
We’re plugging in the banjo …

hexology for Friday the 13th

Shout a big *Boo* at Friday the 13th, with a spooky little gig at our favorite cocktail bar !
Friday, April 13th * 8-10:30pm
Jade Lounge

^ little hexes is busting butt to debut a new song or two ^
& joining us will be a special duo-version of Her Ghost ~
& indeedy, we’ll be handing out our latest edition to hexology, our Mister Madame Bovary tattoos ~

*~ Tattoo Unveiling ~*

Fight February doldrums with an acoustic set and unveiling of our new temporary tattoo!
Saturday, February 4th * 8-10pm
Jade Lounge ::

^*^ Wear the latest rendition of Molly Hayden’s hexy artwork ~
*~* Opening loveliness to be sung by L&D (formerly O’Mercy).
&*& we’re *GIDDY* that Ned Faulhaber joins us on stand-up bass for several tunes.
As always true to Jade Lounge:: the show is free, the cocktails are fresh,
and we’ll practically be singing on your lap.

* blow off the office party *

little hexes’ recipe for holiday merriment ::
* start with The Blue Monk
+ mix in idiosyncratic urbanfolkrock of the Shannon Tower Band
+ sprinkle with special-for-hexes-only reunion of punk-folk duo “Penifore” *!*
= no need for an oven, cuz it’s hot all on its own
Friday, December 9th, 2011
The Blue Monk
:: Doors 8pm, show @ 9 :: $8
w/ hexy guests Sam Isabell & Joanna Neal!

*!* Take some Hexy Home *!*

Jade Lounge has asked us back for more acoustic ruckus ~ mark your calendars for Saturday, November 19 ^!^ 8-10pm
* The lead gals of The Gams will join us, special & unplugged *!*
Revel in Jade’s cocktails ~ adorn yourself with some gorgeous {temporary} tattoos, created from Molly Hayden’s hexy art ~
* & we’ll bring the family album *

*!* EP Release Party *!*

~ little hexes debuts our first long-play recording venture ~ In the Garden
*^* with the most delightful opening act ::
the musical robot ethnography of No They Do ^^
Friday, September 30th, 8 o’clock p.m. 2011*^* DOORS OPEN 7:45pm
The Village Ballroom * 700 NE Dekum Street * Portland
*~ Entry to the event includes a copy of our CD::
$7 donation in advance / $11 at the door~*

:: We’ll be joined by our traveling brouhaha ::
our studio ensemble ~
Ned Faulhaber & Mark Burdon
^^ our intrepid red-heads ~
Karamy Muessig & Brian Harris
^^ special hexy guest ~ Sam Isabel
The Village Ballroom is a non-profit organization, & profits from this event will be donated to Mercy Corps.
All ages venue ~ Cash bar

*^* Alberta Street Pub *^*

w/ Strangled Darlings
Saturday, Aug. 14
w/ Marc Cogman
September 21st
Alberta Street Pub

~* Last Thursday Brouhaha *~

little hexes plays around the firepit~
w/ Sidestreet Reny
June 25, 8pm
May 28, 8pm
The Radio Room

*!* little hexes debut *!*

Wednesday, May 20 2009, 10pm
East Burn (1800 E Burnside St.)
~ Cellos, incongruous covers, toy accordions…little hexes makes its debut ~

The little girl on the poster says, It’s a school night. So take a nap.