Good Doggie!

Support a creative, sustainable, and very hexy Alberta Main Street!
We’re rocking the Main Stage with summer-season songs
of automotive gardening mishaps, neurotic puppies,
and drowning in the deep end~
Toy accordion, marching band bells,
and plenty of guitars will be in tow, of course!

Saturday, August 11, 2018
Alberta Street Fair
12:30-1:10 pm
$2 suggested donation to the Fair

Hexology a songbook of spells

Have Sympathy for King Marke
Here Comes the Sunshine When She's Gone
Mister Madame Bovary
Phineas Gaged
Video: Here Comes the Sunshine...
Cactus Man
 In the Garden
Blue Birds
Mary Margaret
Mata Hari
Video: Robot Boxing
Pick Axe
Steamer Trunk


In the Garden

Little hexes’ debut EP is a picnic at Chernobyl. {Complete with its ghost of an amusement park.} It’s an art-pop party of hexy characters :: Mister Madame Bovary, Phineas Gage, The Beatles, King Marke, hierophants, Bill Withers, cactus men… So grab a bottle of wine and a Geiger counter, because here comes the sun.

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Little HexesPortland, Oregon


voice, keyboards, guitar, goth banjo, master of toys


voice, never-too-many guitars, bass


voice, bass, guitar, egyptalacian percussion


drums, percussion, rhythmic kismet

:: hexy music = ear + brain love ::
Little hexes’ lyrical repertoire includes odes to a pissed-off Cleopatra, Marie Curie’s unfortunate love affair with Radium, Phineas Gage’s 1848 metamorphosis from all-around nice guy to womanizing lout via a metal spike through the head, and an every-boy’s-(or-girl’s)-fantasy tribute to the Swiss Miss Girl. The band also delivers idiosyncratic mash ups that play mischief with just about every rock genre.

:: music + story telling + art ::
Little hexes collaborates with like-minded Portland artists and designers to bring beauty, dimensionality and weirdness to our live performances and web environments. The fruit of one such partnership: graphic novelist/creative director Molly Hayden has created a series of wickedly stylish barn-hex-style art pieces that serve to visually embody many of our tunes.

:: “hex” origins ::
The band’s name comes from Frank Stanford’s poem “Death and the Arkansas River,” and also hearkens to the fancy folk art symbols Pennsylvania Dutch adorn their barns with—called “Hex Signs.” These are large, colorful circles of geometric patterns, often featuring mystical birds, sun wheels, or floral patterns. Hex signs are thought to possibly have originated from German folk magic, though the symbology of modern hex signs tends to be more about good luck than anything witchy.

:: little hexes :: occasional traveling brouhahas ::
Joanna Neal :: drummage & best haircut

Sam Isabell :: guitar & extra red pants

Drew Nelson :: standing up to the stand-up bass
Ned Faulhaber :: big-ass bass & key’d ambiance

Mark Burdon :: percussion & drums, & excellent posture

Brian Harris :: keys & oooooo! vibes
Jessica Anderly :: cello & orchestral attitude

Walking in the mud,
The bootsoles leave little hexes in the kitchen.
~ from Frank Stanford’s “Death and the Arkansas River


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